Wednesday, October 29, 2014

College Question...Answered


I've had a lot of request as to "What college are you applying too?"

I've kinda been keeping it under raps - just in case I don't get in..embarrassing!

But oh well, Not getting accepted is part of life. You have to move on. No different then having a project not work. (but I will be very upset)

Here is my list:

+Olin College of Engineering
+Arizona State University
+Northern Arizona University
+Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

So here's the list. I know. I will however NOT tell you my top pick. My mom says to not put all my eggs in one basket..but thats hard. I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope that they like me, and all the accomplishments I've achieved.


Don't be bored.. +Make: something!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

College Applications

Sorry I haven't posted. I am knee deep in applications for College, school, work and speaking engagements.

Anyone have college suggestions??

Talk very soon


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Maker Faire Rome 2014

I'd like to share some pics from +Maker Faire Rome We had a great time.
My family and +Quin E.  family came in a few days early to site see.

First day
We went to the Vatican Museum
Second day
We took a fast train to Florence for the day.

Smallest car I've ever seen

20 Under 20

Samantha Cristoforetti - spoke about being an astronaut.
Mario Vigentini -
Hanging out
Me - @massimiliano's son (super cool)
Quin +Quin E. 
Cesare Cesare Cacitti

More sightseeing

More pictures to come. Gotta do some homework...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

World Maker Faire New York

Are you ready?
Are you excited?
Is your project ready?

I'm really excited to see and meet all of you. I will be attending +Maker Faire #Makercon on Wednesday and Thurdsday. Hope to see you all.

You can also purchase my 3x3x3 Led Cube at the +Maker Shed

First Maker Faire New York!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Intel IDF

We kept going back and forth...but it's official I will be attending +Intel #intelIDF. I will be leaving tomorrow after class.

I'm excited to meet a bunch of people.

I will send pictures later.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Awesome Job Daniel!

While at +Maker Faire Paris I meet some really cool people. I showed my cannon off to the Cox Family. I guess they really liked my cannon, because I got this today!

Awesome Job Daniel!!

It's so cool to see other's pictures and see the awesome things they make. Have fun Daniel!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Day of School

Hope everyone enjoyed there

I had mine today.

I have a unusual schedule.
 I go to school M-W-F from 8:30-12:00
I have only 1 class to finish. YEA.

When I got to school today - this was hanging on the wall.
kinda embarrassing. But nice

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Special Blog

Maker Mom....

I have a special blog today. Joey met a wonderful boy, his brothers and extraordinary family at +HeatSync Labs  Maker Fest a few month ago. You will recognize all the wonderful pictures we've been sharing.

I've been doing Maker Camp with the boys - though they are way over my maker ability! They amaze me everyday. It's been wonderful for me - they remind me a lot of Joey at that age. 

They kept telling me how much fun they were I asked the oldest Reagan (13)  to write a blog post for Joey's blog.

I tried to scan it, so you could see the actual note..but it didn't work. I think because he wrote it in pencil. (which is a great idea, incase you want to make changes).

Here is Reagan's Post:

Hello, my name is Reagan! I have experience with Lego Mindstorms and this is the journey I took to becoming a maker. When I first saw Joey on the 85086 Magazine, and I learned that he lived in Anthem to, I got so inspired and I just had to meet him. I actually learned about +Make:  when I went to the homeschool day at +Arizona State University  They sponsored Make: and Future City. Future City is a competition where kids think up a city of the future, write a narrative and an essay for there city, and them build a model of theirs to show off at the competition. Our team got 4th place in States!

After that I went to the Makerfest in Mesa, hoping I would see Joey. Then we saw Joey's booth and we met Joey. He was very nice and receptive to our ideas. A few weeks after words we were invited to the Hudy's house and were taught how to solder. They Hudy family took our whole family in, showing the outreach and community spirit of Make. Then we went to +Maker Faire  Bay Area and met lots of inspiring makers.

@makercamp has opened so many doors for us in ideas and people and it also showed us that everyone ca be a Maker, young or old, preschool or Phd!

Reagan, it's been a honor to work with you and see all the wonderful ideas coming out of your mind.

Little side note...Reagan will be at Maker Faire New York!!!